Morbido Visia NRSC: "La tua redazione in una scatola"

Soft NRSC is a system comprehensive computer system for television news production. It offers a range of features to streamline workflows, enable collaboration and produce high-quality content for television audiences. The softwareincludes tools for planning and scheduling, collection of news, collaboration features, content management, integration with other systems, web-based access, creation of lineups with integration WordPress, tools for social media publishing, features for automation and robust security.

    Main Features:
    Creating Ladders with WordPress Integration: Allowsjournalists and editors to easily create news ladder schedules and integrate them with popular CMS platforms such as WordPress.
    Social Media Publishing: Includes tools thatenable rapid publication of content on platforms such as. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This helps to reach a wider audience wide and spread relevant news quickly.
    WASM Technology and Web Access: The system is web-based and can be accessed from any device with an internet, facilitating real-time collaboration and production of news from multiple locations.
    Scalability and Flexibility: It can be easily scaled to the needs of the organization, allowing even
     smaller newsrooms to access the same functionality as larger ones larger ones.
    Security: Offers robust security features, including encryption and user authentication, to protect the confidentiality of data from news production.
    Graphics and Titling: Includes graphics andadvanced titling, providing a range of tools for creating
        of logos, graphics, animations and more.
    Ingestion: Includes a powerful ingestion system that enables the capture of video content from multiple sources.
    Flexibility: The system is highly flexib

A true NRCS

  1. Planning and Scheduling: Visia NRCS provides comprehensive planning and scheduling tools for journalists and editors to organize their work, including assigning stories, creating reports and setting deadlines.
  2. News Gathering: Visia NRCS has tools for news gathering, including news services integration, social media monitoring, and story search capabilities.
  3. Collaboration: Visia NRCS allows journalists and editors to collaborate on stories and reporting in real time, with features like shared documents and chat rooms.
  4. Content Management: Visia NRCS provides powerful content management tools, including a script editor, video editing tools, and an asset library to store and manage multimedia content.
  5. Integration: Visia NRCS integrates with other systems, including teleprompters, video switchers, and graphics systems, to streamline your workflow.
  6. Web-based: Visia NRCS is web-based and allows journalists and editors to access the software from anywhere via an Internet connection.
  7. Rundown creation with WordPress integration: Visia NRCS allows journalists and editors to create rundowns for news broadcasts and integrate them with popular CMS platforms like WordPress.
  8. Social Publishing: Visia NRCS has social media publishing tools that allow journalists and editors to quickly publish content to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  9. Automation: Visia NRCS has automation capabilities, including automatic content scheduling and distribution across various platforms.
  10. Security: Visia NRCS provides robust security features, including encryption and user authentication, to protect the confidentiality of news production data.

Overall, Visia NRCS is a complete television news production information system with these features, which can help television newsrooms streamline their workflows, collaborate more effectively, and produce high-quality news content for their public