M3Play is the new Hbbtv - Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV - service launched by Intecgroup in partnership with M-Three Satcom to support independent radio and TV publishers in the development of their own channels and interactivity services thanks to the new features of Smart TVs, creating a system that covers the needs of the publisher or content provider at 360°. The main service consists of the proprietary M3Play Inserter platform which associates the link to the channels and contents with a pre-established mosaic present on LCN. Individual links can be created to multi-publisher mosaics or a personalized service can be created for terrestrial channels which contains the different contents and services of the broadcaster. The great opportunity offered by new technologies, the growing convergence of the media, and the drive to find new spaces in sight of future revisions of frequency plans, have effectively opened the field to a new, reliable and innovative service that allows publishers to easily identify their main schedule, additional programming, interactivity services, video on demand and information.