Morbido Multiview is a modern, lightweight and fast software solution for viewing any number of channels in a mosaic on one or more screens, physical and virtual. Designed for dynamic production and broadcast environments, it offers a complete and detailed view of your broadcast workflow.

• Support for Large Installations

It supports large installations with hundreds of sources, ensuring integrated monitoring and alarms on a single screen.

Any Input:

Native support for IP input, with ASI support via gateway, and multi-display up to 64 HD or 16 UHD per screen, with support for up to 6 screens per machine. SDI, DI and IP 2110 inputs also available.,HLS, SRT ,udp, rist, icecast, youtube live, dash and more

Compatibility with Virtual Displays:

Supporto per più display virtuali con output IP, inclusa la riproduzione a bassa latenza tramite browser, MPEG-TS, SRT e NDI.

Visual, audible and remote alarms:

Alarms for all vital signs, with display of captions, CC and SCTE35 data.

Flexible Display Layout:

Flexible display layout with visual statistics and alarms, and optional advanced monitoring for MPEG-TS and HLS.

Designed for Remote Work

Full quality low latency IP output to web browser, web management and optional cloud support.