Morbido SubtitleLive: Subtitle generator with artificial intelligence Morbido SubtitleLive uses real-time subtitling technology for DVB, overcoming the limitations of traditional teletext. Supports resolutions from SD to UHD with DVB TS generator or multiplexing. Unlike the old teletext, it uses modern DVBSub, guaranteeing grain-free subtitles, not even in UHD. Key Features:
    High quality DVB subtitling
    Full control over fonts and character setsIntegration with the DVB transport stream


Morbido Visia: The Heart of TV Morbido Visia is a cutting-edge television automation system, designed for the management and automation of playout and broadcast operations. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and extensive integrations, Visia ensures flawless synchronization between planning and execution, optimized for the cloud. Key Features:
    Advanced advertising traffic management
    Real-time advertising inventory, integration with mediaset/rai/sky flows
    Management of programs, web, epg
    Long-term painification
    All in one application
    In continuous development!
    Centralized control of operations
    Multi user with conflict and role management
    Single platform with two-way playout, no import/export, what you do on the management system is reflected in the playout and vice versa
    Full integration with social media
    On Premise, hybrid or completely in the cloud
    Advanced multi-layer graphics on 4 independent channels, L-Shape effects, automated graphics and powerful editor with key and timeline support, stinger as transitions
    Live in native format sdi/NDI/stream srt hls youtube/ip2110/integrated web browser
    Native HDR and SCTE35 support with encoder and PTS management in real time (the only true SCTE35)
    Hbtv advertising support
Video Encoding: Transform your video signals with our technology
advanced Our video encoding solution is
very high quality, using H.264/H.265 10 bit HDR codec and HE/HE v2 audio.
Soft Encoder offers extraordinary transformation of video signals,
ensuring uncompromising quality that rivals the best encoders
hardware on the market. Key Features:
    Video encoding in H.264/H.265 10-bit HDR
    Coding audio in HE/HE v2
    Superior coding quality and transformation of video signals

Other Essential Tools:
  1. Muxer: Versatile management of any signal, supporting SRT/UDP/RIST/HLS gateways.
  2. EPG Generator and Merger: Advanced tools for generating and merging electronic program guides.
  3. AIT Descriptor Generator: Manipulation of any DVB descriptor .
  4. TS Stream Analyzer: Detailed diagnosis and control of transport streams.
  5. Band Limiter: Optimize bandwidth allocation.
  6. Timeshift: Timeshift support for TS/Stream/TS/NDI.
  7. Logo Generator: Integration and management of logos in content.
  8.  SCTE35 generator and trigger: Precise management of advertising events. 
  9. Multiviewer: Advanced monitoring of physical or IP signals, with alarm management and loudness control. Up to 36 channels per monitor