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We have been present on the national ICT & Broadcast market for over 20 years with the main headquarters in Bologna and the technical offices in Milan and Rome, and our team is made up of technicians specialized in the world of broadcast, networking and software creation

  We are the Advisor able to accompany you in choosing the most innovative, safe, integrateable and high-performance technological solutions. We achieve this through our people, skills and broad range of managed services to create value and make a difference.

The collaborative management of the infrastructure allows us to perform a benchmark suitable for your reference market by designing and managing high-performance modular solutions to protect investments with maximum priority given to the security of the data managed.

The Intecgroup method is based on a Customer Centric approach in which each solution is designed on the Customer's needs through a feasibility assessment, to arrive at the design of the most suitable technology in terms of performance, reliability and safety.

Transversally to our offering we have engineered a suite of managed ICT infrastructure services called ZEUS® PRO and provided 24 hours a day by certified specialists, who offer real-time monitoring and continuous management of the Customer's infrastructure by controlling the functioning of the network, the and systems, proactively detecting any anomaly that impacts user operations.

  The Datacenter and cloud division was born in 2018, with the acquisition of dedicated assets in the best performing Italian datacenters.

In 2022 we completed the construction of our own data center, operational in 2024 with an investment of €5,000,000 completely specialized in media services and artificial intelligence.

Dedicated to innovation and continuous growth, we carry out an industrial project to expand skills; for this reason the collaboration with the Tenkavideo group was born in 2023, for the integration of their software into our cloud platforms.

Our signal distribution infrastructures are registered with the main Italian broadcasts, such as EITowers, RaiWay, Persidera, Mediaset, D-Free, and with the satellite teleports of M-Three Satcom and Globecast