CompanyEfficiency, innovation, progress, opportunity, growth.These are the few and simple words that guide and represent the constituent image of Intecgroup.A company born from the passion of a family of experts in new technologies that guarantees its customers a complete and highly differentiated offer, transversal and absolutely unique. From playout to networking, from contribution to saving your data , from newsrooms to encryption systems, through security Intecgroup is with you.Trust in progress, simplicity in difficulties and continuity as the standard for growth and development.Because technology changes and is transforming our society and our lives. Within this context, Integroup presents itself as a strategic partner that is flexible to changes, always in step with the times, able to make technology within everyone's reach, valuing the customer, helping him to grow and develop along with the changes.Because it is precisely on the customer and his needs that we base our work, trying to define the most appropriate, reliable and secure technological solution. Of course, this is not an easy goal to achieve, and it is precisely for this reason that Intecgroup has been working for years to create a highly specialized and competent team that works together in perfect synergy, with the goal of not just being a system integrator, but a reliable partner you can count on.